What is selective plating?

It is possible to perform selective plating where the selected layer is applied to some part of the object only. It is possible to combine selective plating, for example with gold and ruthenium.

Examples of selective plating

Partial red pink gilding

Silver medal partial gilded with pink gold. This combination can be described as a light and subtle way of ennobling.

Antique finish + Partial gold gilding

We believe that even a small detail can turn a coin into a masterpiece. A brush of gold on antique finish option redefine this kind of ennobling.

Partial plating – 8 metals

Unique ennobled medal - 8 different metals have been used on the reverse motif. Released for the time during the WMF 2018 in Berlin.

Partial gold gilding

Partial gold gilding is a technique of putting a layer of gold on choosed by customer areas. It works ideally when it covers big areas on the coin.