Mixed techniques

Ruthenium + gold gilding + silver

Single coin has been covered with 3 precious metals: gold, ruthenium and silver. Thanks to this ennobling the coin's relief has a completely new character.

Ruthenium + Pink gold

2 ennobling techniques, which requied delicate and experience. Colouring of both ennoblings creates extraordinarily and modern design.

Gold + Hologram

A layer of yellow gold has been partial gilded on the coin, the rest has been covered with hologram which caused unique variant of ennobling.

Ruthenium + Hologram

Also Ruthenium can be mixed with hologram technique (standard or gold). High contrast between both technique allows to show single details.

Gold gilding + Painting

Popular combination of Yellow gold gilding and painting. Even a small detail covered by a paint can breathe new life into coin's design.

Gold plating + partial oxidation

The motif has been partial oxidized and the rest has been with yellow gold gilded. Contrast between both layers makes this medal more unique.

Oxidation + Colour

Dark hue of the ennobling creates many possibilities to combine it with a colouring technique. The design can be based on colorus, shapes or patterns.

Ruthenium + Painting

Popular combination of Ruthenium and Pad printing technique. Especially recommended for colourful motifs.

Partial plating – 8 metals

Unique ennobled medal - 8 different metals have been used on the reverse motif. Released for the time during the WMF 2018 in Berlin.

Red gold + Partial hologram

Unusual combination Red gold and Hologram, using different types of hologram this mix creates wide spectrum of possibilities.

Quartet metal

Ennobling technique which contains 4 precious metals is always a challenge - there is no room for any mistakes.

Antique finish + Partial gold gilding

We believe that even a small detail can turn a coin into a masterpiece. A brush of gold on antique finish option redefine this kind of ennobling.