What is plating of coins and medals?

Plating is the most exclusive method of refining coins and medals. Coins subjected to plating (coating) with precious metals gain value and get a unique look. The designsprepared by our graphic designers are one-of-a-kind and dedicated to a particular client. We can offer you full plating based on precious metals such as gold, silver, ruthenium, rhodium or palladium. Our galvanizing line is still expanded and the Research and Development Department constantly ensures that the range of our services is getting wider and wider. This refinement method combines the latest technology with the highest work precision of our experienced staff, who often apply individual layers on the refined article manually. The unique effect is achieved by combining the plating technique with colouring or application of a hologram on numismatic coins.

Examples of plating


Highest probe silver layer protects the coins very well from outside influences and in some cases can be a interesting way of ennobling.

Pink gold

Pink Gold is a mix of few precious metals in a different proportions. This alloy is getting more popular with jeweller's craft and numismatic.

Gold gilding

The most classic galvanic ennobling technique. Yellow gold gilding raise the material and aesthetic value as well.


Ruthenium coins are still getting popular. This precious metal shows off coin's proof what makes the look even more noble.