What is"painting" of coins and medals?

It is one of the most popular refining methods. Our technology allows for comprehensive customer service, from the design and visualization phase, to the process of production, to the moment of packing and shipping. In the initial phase, the non-processed elements received from a client are subject to scanning and cleaning. Then, we prepare visualization for the Client to assess. The next step is the process of coating with colours. Our equipment, with masterful precision and projection, transfers the image from the screen to the refined article. To fix our work, the whole is secured with special protective coating to ensure durability of colours.

"Painting" can be combined with plating, oxidation or application of a hologram, and the end result may astonish even connoisseurs.

Examples of painting

Gold gilding + Painting

Popular combination of Yellow gold gilding and painting. Even a small detail covered by a paint can breathe new life into coin's design.

Oxidation + Colour

Dark hue of the ennobling creates many possibilities to combine it with a colouring technique. The design can be based on colorus, shapes or patterns.

Ruthenium + Painting

Popular combination of Ruthenium and Pad printing technique. Especially recommended for colourful motifs.


Full CMYK colour design printed on the medal using a classic Pad printing technique. It is one of the most common used technique in numismatic.