What is the oxidation of coins and medals?

The effect of aging on new coins, tokens and medals? It is our specialty! Antique Finish, as that is how we refer to this type of service, is gaining more and more popularity among our Customers. Oxidation allows us to increase the depth of decorated objects and to highlight certain areas of a coin. In addition, through the generation of oxides on the metal surface, that process creates a kind of protection against possible corrosion. In order to achieve the desired effect, our qualified employees subject the coins to advanced treatment and then the work is adequately protected to fix the unique effect of aging. This type of finish may be enriched with e.g. selective painting.

Examples of oxidation

Gold plating + partial oxidation

The motif has been partial oxidized and the rest has been with yellow gold gilded. Contrast between both layers makes this medal more unique.

Partial oxide

Partial oxidation is a great way to put more depth and attention to the main motif on the coin. The oxide layer is a physical barrier to corrosion.

Oxidation + Colour

Dark hue of the ennobling creates many possibilities to combine it with a colouring technique. The design can be based on colorus, shapes or patterns.

Antique finish + Partial gold gilding

We believe that even a small detail can turn a coin into a masterpiece. A brush of gold on antique finish option redefine this kind of ennobling.