Our customer


Our company operates in the numismatic and investment industry, providing its services and delivering products around the world. We also cooperate with entities from nonnumismatic market that are looking for alternative ways to promote or raise the prestige of events that they organize. Our Customers include:

  • National Banks
  • Mints
  • Precious metal refineries
  • Commercial banks
  • Private Mints and medallist companies
  • Numismatic companies
  • Precious metal dealers
  • Jewellers
  • Units of local governments
  • Collectibles
  • Collectors and individual investors
  • Associations, sport clubs
  • Corporations, big and medium businesses

We advise, support and help our customers, continuously improving the quality of our customer service, guided by the following principles:

Be flexible – “To have positive attitude”
Many projects are unique and cannot be treated consevatively. We go beyond routines and adjust projects to the needs of individual customers.


Be helpful – “To endeavour”
We use our knowledge to advise clients on how to resolve problems and to anticipate difficulties on the way to achieve a top quality product.


Response – “To keep a sense of priority”
We answer phones and emails as soon as possible, we arrange meetings and make decisions about customer queries.


Politeness and diplomacy
We pay great attention to interaction with our customers, we want to treat customers in a polite and empathetic way.