Mission, vision, values

The global numismatic market is constantly changing and developing. Wanting to be the architect of these changes and an active creator of new trends, technologies and products, our team focuses on providing breakthrough solutions for the Collectors.

Our motto: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker


Our vision is to show us the direction in which we want to go. It is a reference point for decisions and describes the goals of our company.

Where do we see our company in 2025?

  • We want to become one of the most recognizable brands among mints, central and commercial banks, refineries and numismatic companies around the world,
  • We want to maintain the status of a leader in the production of numismatic packs and coin ennobling,
  • We plan to become the leading wholesaler of coins and investment metals,
  • We want to show the strength of our brand through perfect products, reliable services and the highest quality of customer service,
  • We will continue to create a responsible business that gives an opportunity to grow for our employees.


In the numismatic packaging and coin ennobling industry, we create modern solutions for mints, central and commercial banks, refineries and numismatic companies. We care about the highest quality of the product, reliability and timeliness of implementation.
We answer the challenges we face based on the systematically enlarged machine park, new technologies and, above all, a team of highly specialized and committed employees, whom we offer the possibility of professional and personal development. We run a responsible business and build long-term relationships with our Partners, based on mutual trust.