What is a hologram on coins and medals?

It is all the rage on the numismatic market. A hologram effect is applied to any elements of coins or medals specified by Customers. You can choose colour of hologram foil. It is possible to combine this method with painting and plating. Before a hologram appears on a coin or medal, our designers prepare a visualization on the basis of which the production tools are created. The method is fast, effective and allows for a wide range of combinations. A hologram is the future.

Examples of hologram

Gold hologram

The Gold hologram is a result of developing and passion for creation new techniques. Layer of hologram is sparkling green, red and gold.

Gold + Hologram

A layer of yellow gold has been partial gilded on the coin, the rest has been covered with hologram which caused unique variant of ennobling.

Red gold + Partial hologram

Unusual combination Red gold and Hologram, using different types of hologram this mix creates wide spectrum of possibilities.

Ruthenium + Hologram

Also Ruthenium can be mixed with hologram technique (standard or gold). High contrast between both technique allows to show single details.