The success of our company is to understand the needs of our Customers. Join us!


  1. Experience

    The history of our company on the numismatic market dates back to 1986. We have been trusted by dozens of mints and national banks, hundreds of local governments and numismatic companies as well as thousands of collectors. We offer our products and services all over the world!

  2. Long-term cooperation

    In relations with our Business Partners we focus on long-term relations and understanding of the other party’s needs.

  3. Quality

    We know how important part of today’s life is to distinguish products from the top-quality products. That is why our Quality Control Department ensures the top-quality of your orders 24 hours a day. Working with us, you have the confidence and guarantee that together we will be successful and your products will be distinguished from the competition.

  4. Communication

    In today’s world, which is speeding up every day, efficient and fast response is very important. The added value of the cooperation with us is the professional service by the team which ensures that communication with our Partners is at the highest level.

  5. Processing time

    Everyone wants to receive ordered products or services “yesterday”. We understand that! With our own laboratories, machinery and skilled workers we meet our customers’ expectations.

  6. Flexibility

    To meet our Customers’ expectations, we go beyond the framework of schematic activity. Based on our experience, we are looking for new custom solutions. Numismatic and investment market is still evolving; therefore, understanding its needs, we respond appropriately. We see individual queries not as a problem, but as a challenge!

  7. Innovation

    We are proud of our Research and Development Department which consists of eminent and creative professionals. They develop new improved methods to refine and secure our products. They implement pioneering technological solutions and, together with our Sales Department, create the future of the world numismatic and investment industry.

  8. Awards

    Our company has been awarded in the national rankings of the fastest growing companies. In 2016, we were announced Polish Company of the Future in the category of production by the largest newspaper in Poland (Gazeta Wyborcza) and a reputable bank, BGŻ BNP Paribas. Also in 2016, we won the Business Gazelles and Business Cheetahs rankings.